blind date 3d
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In this game, you play as Noah, a single guy spending an evening with his close friends, Liam, who is also his business partner, and Liam’s wife, Olivia. They set you up with a beautiful girl named Maya, who is the latest recruit in Olivia’s modeling agency. The premise may sound simple enough but there isn’t a single dull moment in this evening ahead. While you may have been set up with Maya, the woman who you truly desire is the very-married Olivia. In fact, she’s the only one who has made you feel anything in a really long time. But she is, after all, your best friend’s wife and this puts you in a dilemma. Pursuing her would be far more risky than trying it out with Maya but your desire is too great to be able to forget her that easily.

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blind date 3d blind date 3d


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