The Scam



In order to understanding the SCAM, here at PUNTOGAMING prefer to give you the opportunity to read the fully definition taken from Wikipedia:
"Scam is a term that indicates an attempt to scam perpetrated by the methods of social engineering, typically by sending an e-mail in which you promise big gains in exchange for sums of money to be advanced. Often, scam and spam are closely related. The scam, sometimes referred to as "scamming" may also refer to an attempted theft of sensitive computer data such as passwords by unauthorized parties in order to steal or that undue amounts of money from online accounts. scamming the generally take place over the Internet with the use of fake Login (in Italian "fake login"), fake program (programs that seek passwords by masquerading as a different kind of programs) Keylogger (programs that record keystrokes pressed on the keyboard and then send them to the scammer ), Cookie (usually this technique is used by a password Grabber, which is a program that can extract the passwords stored then send them to those who are trying to scam; in some cases, cookies are exploited with Internet sessions), or in other cases much rarer with Exploit and BruteForce.
Typical and perhaps the first example: the Nigerian scam. In the e-mail we talk about large sums of money should be transferred to or retrieved from a foreign bank, which, however, calls for guarantees: such as citizenship, a current account, a security deposit. The writer is therefore asks for help to transfer the money from the account of the reader, and to anticipate the security deposit. As a reward you will receive a percentage of the money recovered. Other examples of scam facing a win in any lottery, but to pick up the imaginary prize you will have to pay a fee. "