1 ▪ General disclaimer of PUNTOGAMING.EU

By registering and browsing through the site, the user declares to take responsibility for any file sent (uploaded) or downloaded (downloaded) from PUNTOGAMING.EU and related subdomains. Responsibility means that the user exonerates all Administrators from any liability, civil and criminal, and moreover he declares not to violate:
• no Italian copyright law
• no international copyright law
• no copyright, Italian and international law

Therefore, the user must be considered solely responsible for his own activity on the site. PUNTOGAMING.EU operates non-profit and without the will to obtain any personal advantage from the sharing of material and files: the Administrators undertake, at the request of the Companies that demonstrate that they hold rights, to actively collaborate in the removal and prosecution of the guilty.

There are 3 types of users: the anonymous users, the authenticated users and the premium users.
• The anonymous user (or not yet registered) can view the contents of the site in a limited way, and is authorized to download (download) only some files and contents and cannot in any case upload (upload) files and contents; this is because, as not yet registered, it has not accepted the terms and regulations published in this text.
• The authenticated user (or registered user) can view many of the contents on the site and is authorized to download (download) and upload (upload) files and contents.
• The premium user (or registered user) is the one who voluntarily made a donation to PUNTOGAMING.EU. This user, as a supporter of the Community, can view most of the content on the website (including those with limited access and for adults only) and is authorized to download (download) and upload (upload) files and content.
• The hero contributor is a variant of the premium user and got the same privileges, except for better assistance.

It should also be remembered that the premium user, being able to access adult content, must have completed the eighteenth year of age. The premium user who, following checks carried out by the Staff of PUNTOGAMING.EU and/or by the competent Authorities, will be a minor will be punished according to the regulations and laws in force on the safety measures relating to the protection of minors.

2 ▪ Application and modification of the Disclaimer and notification method

To use our services, the user is obliged to accept the terms of this text. PUNTOGAMING.EU can change the terms, the disclaimer, the regulation and the conditions of use of the site at any time and therefore the Administrators will be responsible for informing the users, by e-mail, private message or new publication of this text.

3 ▪ Disclaimer for uploaders (those who share material)

Anyone wishing to share material must, first of all, make sure that it is not covered by any copyright. The User who wishes to share copyrighted material:
• must ensure that he has the necessary permissions to share the material
• releases all Administrators from any liability and expressly declares that they can legitimately share that material.

4 ▪ Disclaimer for downloaders (those who download material)

Those who want to download the files on the site can only do so in two cases:
• FOR DEMONSTRATIVE PURPOSE, and in this case within 24 hours the user must necessarily delete the file from his hard-disk or from any device on which he has stored it, and obviously he cannot sell it, lend it or sell it to third; if what downloaded satisfies the user, he can support the authors/developers and therefore legally purchase an original copy;
• FOR BACKUP PURPOSE, if the user wants to keep a backup copy of the material already in his possession; in this case he is authorized to download it from PUNTOGAMING.EU. In any case, it is strictly forbidden (by our terms of use and applicable laws) to use the downloaded material for sales purposes.

5 ▪ Rights and license to use the website

The license that we give to the user to use the website and our services does not confer on the latter any rights other than those expressly indicated in this text. Therefore any user browsing the PUNTOGAMING.EU site is not authorized to reproduce or use material or intellectual property or any other rights that violate this text. The user therefore cannot copy, alter, distribute, display, license, modify, reproduce, reassemble, recompile or use one of the copyrights present on the website, without a written authorization from PUNTOGAMING.

6 ▪ Rights of copyright holders

The Administrators of PUNTOGAMING.EU wish to collaborate actively to defeat the possible dissemination of copyrighted material without the explicit authorization of the holding company. If they wish, the copyright holders or their representatives can request the immediate removal of their work without resorting to the Authorities.

7 ▪ Access and registration to the site via social networks

Access to and registration on the website via social networks presupposes that user’s age is over 18.

8 ▪ Restrictions and majority age

Moreover, a drop down menu has been inserted in the website registration form (Profile and Personal Details -> What about Mature contents?) which allows the user to specify if mature contents must be restricted or not. If as a result of random checks carried out by the PUNTOGAMING staff there are discrepancies between the date of birth and the check box in question, specific checks will be carried out on the pages visited by the user concerned and measures may be taken against that user.

9 ▪ Application of the new European regulation

All information relating to the protection of personal data and the new regulations envisaged by the European regulation (in force since 25 May 2018) are available on the page relating to the privacy policy.

We invite all those who have not already done so to read the terms and conditions of use and the F.A.Q.

The creators of this site dissociate themselves from violating the law n.633 of April 22, 1941. Also all the published material, for the very fact that it must be used for study and evaluation purposes only, must not be defined illegal but free use, therefore does not violate art.615 quater and 623 of the penal code. Since some of the content and information found on the internet may in various ways be contrary to the laws in force, the site developers warn the user that the download of certain types of files may constitute a violation of copyright and copyright. The authors assume no responsibility in this regard and warn the user that the use that he makes of all that is contained on this site falls under his complete and exclusive responsibility. By downloading any of the files on the site, the user agrees in a 24-hour evaluation period and before this period expires he will have to delete the file from his hard disk or wherever he has copied the files. THE ENTIRE STAFF, as it has undertaken to inform users of current laws, cannot be held responsible. We do not support the use of illegal and copyrighted downloads. The website’s contents (in particular the copyrighted contents) are in most of cases for personal or family use.