ClixSense - how to use

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Here the final tutorial that allows you to increment your daily incomes and permits you to put aside some money.

The computer (with an internet connection)
The time (about 6 minutes per day)
The patience (to wait the display of advertisements)
The steadiness (to not give up, expecially at early days)
The perseverance (to repeat these operations everyday)
... and some friends to bring in ClixSense!
NOTE: If you can't speak english just do a step back and install a translator.
The first step is to register  or, if you're already registered, to login to the site . If you're seriously interested to gain some money, we reccomend you to download ClixAddon . This browser's addon will let you to receive updates and realtime notifications, and also let you to keep under control your earnings, referrals and much more. There are many ways to gain money on ClixSense , but the most used method is to view the advertisements for few seconds (the time is variable and depends on which advert you chose). When you're in the ClixSense's homepage, you can find a button that says "View Ads" and some colored buttons next to the button . Clicking on it, you'll open a page with all available advertisements at the moment . At this point, you must choose the advertisement to view (clicking on it) and following the next istructions. Remember: the advertisements will be reset daily, so if you want to earn some money you must visit ClixSense's website everyday, in order to click on all advertisements (but if you've installed ClixAddon, the whole process will be more simple).
clixsense     clixsense     clixsense     clixsense     clixsense     clixsense
At this point an advert's window will appears and the system will ask you to execute a simple check control: you must click over the image that the system indicates . In the past example, you saw a series of images and the user simple needs to click over the cat's image (only 1 cat is available). After the click, the system will load the advertisement and you must wait the time that the chronometer indicates . When the chronometer reaches the 0 count, the system will credit you the amount of cash displayed and, after that, you can close this window . Also remember to keep focused the advertisement's window, otherwise the system will stop the chronometer's countdown, as you can see in the following example .
clixsense     clixsense     clixsense     clixsense


ClixSense gives you many instruments in order to increase your daily incomes. Read the following methods:
The Surveys  are probably the better source of income. If you want to join to Surveys, you need to have some requirements and you also need some time to fill in it. Our advice is to fill in it saying the truth about yourself; so, doing it, you will be offered to join to many surveys targeted that reflect your habits and then they will be very easy to fill in for you, thereby minimizing the fill in time. Remember to fill in your own profile, by clicking on the "Surveys Profile" button, before you proceed to the Surveys.
NOTES ABOUT SURVEYS: checking periodically the survey's page, you may encounter a message that warns you of the availability of new poll's profiles. . Click onto it and fill in the fields that you will find and, as soon, you can join to more surveys.
The Offers  seems useless, but it's false: the offers let you to complete the daily checklist and also let you to unlock more offers/jobs in order to gain extra money. If you really want to complete the offers, you need to follow all the istructions you see in each offer.
The Tasks  are very important, expecially for completing the "Daily Checklist"  (we'll explain you this later). Tasks are minijobs and you can finish it pretty fast (even if some of it aren't easy to complete) and, as you can see, at th beginning the earnings are low. Anyway, don't look the low earnings for the moment, cause thanks to these tasks you can unlock more tasks and, if you got the right requirements, you'll be able to do more complex tasks in order to earn more money.
ClixGrid  is a simple game of luck. In this game, you must click on the squares, where some squares are hiding nice prizes for you. After a click, you must wait 5 or 10 seconds (it depends on which account type you got), then after that amount of time, you will discover if you're a winner or not. There are many prizes and if you're really lucky, you can win $5 or $10! But remember: your tries are limited (30 for standard users and 60 for premium users), and will be reset everyday, as like as the grid obviously.
CLIXRESEARCH integrates with the official site of ClixSense and let you, after the compiling of your personal profile, to gain extra rewards like prizes and money. After your registration on, you must activate your membership  (by email you'll receive after the registration process). This site let you to join to exclusives surveys where you can earn a lot of extra moneys. Remember: the rewards are accredited to your account after 2-4 weeks, so don't go in panic if you are unable to view the reward into your account.
The CheckList  is extremely important but, expecially the first times, really hard to complete. It is a list of the daily objectives with which you can earn a bonus that multiplies your daily incomes (up to 7% for Standard users and up to 16% for Premium users). In order to complete the CheckList you must:
1. Click over 6 PTC (advertisements) of any kind;
2. Click at least 20 squares in the ClixGrid's game;
3. Complete on of the following:
    a. Complete 10 tasks offered by CrowdFlower;
    b. Complete at least 2 offers/surveys from the respective pages;
    c. Complete at least 5 tasks offered by CrowdFlower and at least 1 offert/survey from the respective page;
4. Visit at least 1 forum's page (it isn't necessary to post any message).
IMPORTANT NOTE: All video offers are not counted for achieving the daily CheckList.
Of course, Referrals are the most important thing into these earning systems. So, to increase your gains you must invite more people as you can; if you are a Premium account, ClixSense let you to earn money till tier-8 members, as you can see from the image below:
clixsense referrals
And now we need to talk for the most important thing: our reward. After you've earned at least $8 (or $6 as Premium members) you'll see next to your balance, the "Cashout" word . Clicking on it opens a popup where you can choose the amount of the cashout, made by PayPal or PayToo and dependings from which kind of payment you've selected into your payment's profile. At the moment you'll choose to do the cashout operation, we suggest you to do it before the 14:00 (GMT+0) on Monday or Friday; for other instructions about payments we also suggest you to visit the official page of ClixSense, under the paragraph of payments management.


As you have seen, there are many methods to earn money with ClixSense, but remember the most important method: invite other people to join on ClixSense (and also remember them this important step). For each person you bring in, you'll gain a little percentage of their daily earnings!
Also remember that you can transfer easily your earnings from ClixSense to your Paypal account (free online account) after reaching the predetermined amount of cash (it change in relation of your account type). There are 2 types of accounts: Standard and Premium. Here is a table with the various differences:
Guaranteed Ads Daily 1 4
ClixGrid Chances 30 60
Minimum Cashout $8.00 $6.00
ClixGrid Timer 10 sec 5 sec
Pay per Click $0.001 to $0.02 $0.001 to $0.02
Pay per Referral Click $0.0001 to $0.002 $0.0001 to $0.004
Signup Commissions $0.50 after referral earns a total of $10 $1 after referral earns a total of $5
Upgrade Commissions * $2.00 per upgraded direct referral
$2.00 per upgraded direct referral +
$1.00 per upgrade through 7 more tiers
Sales Commissions
(Ad Credits and ClixGrid Purchases)
10% up to $1.00 per purchase
limited at $100 per referral
10% up to $2.00 per purchase
unlimited per referral
Tasks Commissions 5% per completed task 10% per completed task
Offers Commissions 5% per completed offer 10% per completed offer
Daily Checklist Bonus up to 7% up to 16%
Membership Cost FREE $17.00 per Year
* PREMIUM members will get paid through 8-Tiers for referrals who also upgrade their accounts as opposed to only 1-Tier for STANDARD accounts