Security above all

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Inside your home you might think to be safe, but be aware that the Internet is both an output port that connects you to the outside world, and is also a gateway for potential thieves. Clearly it is not our intention to scare you, no one can get into your world without authorization (as a stranger cannot enter inside your home unless you decide to let him in). But with the internet, the risk is to give access to the attackers unknowingly; we are just here to make sure that does not happen. 
If you're reading this guide it's because you have decided to earn some extra money, following our advices and sacrificing few minutes per day, but not necessarily you must to sacrifice privacy and security, either yours and of your family. If you follow our advices, you will succeed in your goal without risking anything and in total safety. In this context, the first thing from which you'll have to look good are the scams: sites that pretend to be licensed and/or certified by the companies or brands known and that in reality they just want to find how many informations as possible from you and for the purpose to carry out a scam to you. In this regard, we at PUNTOGAMING have evaluated (by trying them in first person), the vast majority of PTC sites and affiliates, relying to other known sites (such as PTC Investigation and SCAM Identifier)​​, and we have compiled a chart that shows safety and reliability. Another important factor that may help you to choose an affiliation program is the security certification released from known industries:
As you can see from the previews above, is strongly better if an affiliation program has got the related security certification. But pay attention: isn't enough for the website to expose the related certification logo, instead it must be clickable from the user (eg. NeoBux on McAfee and Trustwave). This certification is ok when the user clicks over it and the encrypted page (with https protocol) of the related industry will load, describing exactly which website got the certification.
Industry leaders in PTC (Pay to Click) are undoubtedly ClixSense and NeoBux, while in the investments eToro is definitely a stand out from all the others. For eToro will need to invest a certain amount of money to start seeing gains, as in the rest of NeoBux. In ClixSense able to earn immediately if you bring other people into the affiliate program. What we want to tell you, however, do not trust what the advertising will propose: visiting these sites you will be deluged by advertising system that supports the entire affiliate system (and ultimately cover most of the costs). Many will offer advertising of easy money without much toil, or other attempt to reveal the secrets to gain against a small donation. We at PUNTOGAMING wanna tell you that there is no gain without dedication and perseverance: you will must see the advertising proposals every day (even if many of them will lasts only few seconds), pointing out that it is essential to not skip even one day. Only doing that you'll get earning bonuses and increased revenue. 
So what you need is a PC, an internet connection, about 6 minutes a day to click all advertisements and a rather high number of friends you can invite into the affiliate programs you choose. Knowing the English language is undoubtedly a point in your favor: some tasks that you need to bring to an end (in order to earn) will be in English and will often thanks to these that you will be rewarded with higher earnings. 
At the end we can say: if you don't want to invest money, choose for ClixSense or NeoBux (or others affiliation programs that you can see above) and if you plan to invest small amounts of money will absolutely recommend NeoBux. While if you intend to invest a considerable sums of money, then eToro must be definitely your choice. Once this is done, you must find your "referral link" in the profile of the program you have chosen and give it to your friends: inviting your friends you will take a percentage of their earnings. 

But the most important thing is explaining your friends the same things you've done, so they must invite how many friends they can. Doing that, you'll enter into the advertising system that let you to earn (in the most of cases) a lot of money.