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    We know: some old games don’t let you to change the resolution, or let you choose only some resolutions. But the help comes from “Windowed Borderless Gaming” software. The program is free and is available for download simply by clicking here.

    The following steps helps you to configure this program:


    zoom  You can enlarge the images by clicking over them


    1. Right-click on the app (in system tray) will popup a contextual menu (like the following image):

    windows compatibility mode

    2. Choose “Add window (F3)”, then launch your favorite game and click F3. Now the game will be handled by Windowed Borderless Game.

    3. Open again the contextual menu of the app (in the system tray), then choose “Settings” then “Game settings” (like the following image);

    windows compatibility mode

    4. At this point, you can set your custom resolution for the selected game (generally the desktop resolution). See the next image:

    windows compatibility mode

    5. Next to “Game:” you can choose the game (from drop-down menu) that you want to customize, and next to “Resolution:” you can insert your favorite resolution for the selected game (in this case, I set 1920×1080 as the desktop resolution).

    6. Click on the “Apply” button and the app makes the magic!

    If you are unable to add the game (by pressing “F3” key) to the list, simply repeat all from the step 1 and make sure that the game is launched (preferably in windowed mode).

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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