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    The interface of PCSX2 is more intuitive than the ePSXe, but some users may find some difficult to configure this emulator. Then, we have configured and tested this emulator and below you will find some images that will help you create a basic configuration that will allow you to launch almost all Playstation 2 games.
    NOTE: This guide is available only in italian language, but the arrangement of the elements is the same also for the english language.


    zoom  You can enlarge the images by clicking over them


    pcsx2 configurationEE/IOP configuration window


    pcsx2 configurationVU configuration window


    pcsx2 configurationGS configuration window


    pcsx2 configurationThe GS window


    pcsx2 configurationSpeedHack configuration window


    pcsx2 configurationGSdx settings


    pcsx2 configurationSPU-2X configuration window

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