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    Here’s how to burn your ISO:

    To correctly burn your ISO on DVD it is essential to make a small patch on the ISO using a program called ‘ESR DISC PATCHER’ ​​which you can download for free by clicking here. Once your ISO is patched, you can burn it using Alcohol 120% or another burning software, remembering that you will have to put the slowest speed for burning and remembering also to use ONLY dvd-r.

    If the burning program allows you (such as Alcohol 120%) set these parameters:

    Writing method: RAW DAO
    Buffer emptying protection ability: yes
    Before making a backup copy of your favorite game, make sure it can work with Free McBoot by looking at the list of compatible games.

    I remind you again to use DVD-R to burn your ISO. If you have .bin files they will be converted to .iso using two programs which are ImgBurn and CDmage.

    I will briefly explain the procedure to follow:

    1. Open the .bin file with CDmage;
    2. Select the M2 / 2352 track encoding and click open;
    3. Right click on ‘Track 1’ and choose ‘Data Track Properties’;
    4. Take a screen of all the info (you will need it later);
    5. Select all the contents in the window on the right and extract them;
    6. Open ImgBurn and select ‘Create image file from file / folders’;
    7. Drag the previously extracted files into the new window;
    8. Set the parameters as per the following screen:


    9. In the following screen, fill in the fields as the screenshot previously saved. Here is an example:


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