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    If you have issues while installing the game, please read carefully this guide.

    Now the issue:

    Playing as Jill, as soon as Barry kills the first zombie the game will crash just after Jill and Barry are examining the blood on the floor. Fortunately, this problem can be worked around very easily:

    1. At the very first enter to the dining room (with Barry) leave immediately and return to the main hall. Here, Jill will talk to Wesker;
    2. Just returned spoken with Barry (near the blood pool) and go back to the door (the main hall door) to go out again, but this time Barry will block Jill;
    3. Talk to Barry, then return again to the door (again the main hall door), but at this time, when Jill will be near the clock, a zombie comes out and tries to kill Jill, but Barry shots to him;
    4. The workaround is completed and the game no longer crashes.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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