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    If you have issues while playing the game (encountering the ‘dining room game freeze’), please read this workaround.

    This game is not compatible with recent operating systems, but it can be installed with Windows compatibility features. The following steps explain how to install Resident Evil 1, even with a recent operating system (like Windows 10). Mount the .iso image of Resident Evil 1 (tools are available here), then follow these steps:


    zoom  You can enlarge the images by clicking over them


    Open the right-click menu, then choose ‘property’ and set the values as the image above for the following files:


    resident evil 1 installation


    During the installation, alt+tab the installer then close the page this the message ‘Reg Query Error. DeviceDesc’

    reg query error


    Select ‘Creative 3D Blaster (Rendition)’ from the selection menu

    creative 3d blaster


    In order to avoid issues, install the game to the predefined folder

    resident evil 1 installation


    In order to avoid any kind of issue, install all the features available

    resident evil 1 installation


    In order to avoid an installation crash, DO NOT install ‘DirectX3a’

    resident evil 1 directx3a

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