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    With Steam client you can use different launch options (for steam.exe in windows) in order to use some useful features. Here the full list of usable options:



    This option lets you opt out of beta participations. Beta participations allow you to get some content beforehand but it may contain some bugs and it is also updated regularly to fix them.



    This option enables the Steam debug console tab. It can help users debug the problem and fix it. It is mostly used by advanced users.



    This options runs the installation completion over HTTP by default.



    This spews details about the localized strings we load.



    Enables logging of Steam API functions.



    This function sets the developer variable in the client to “1”. It can also be used to launch the VGUI editor and the VGUI zoo by pressing the keys F6 and F7 respectively. It is also intended for developing skins.



    This logs file system accesses.



    It sets the target syntax.



    This command logs the binaries we load during the operation.



    This command forces the Steam client to run even if Steam has administrator privileges.



    This command lets you set the method on how the GameOverlay is injected.



    This lets you install a product from a specific path (such as “D” can be a path if D is the DVD-ROM present in the computer).



    This changes installing a retail game to emit all files to install_validate instead of emitting to the Steam cache.



    This sets your Steam language to the one you specify in the such as German or English. You can write “german” in the language place in.


    -login <[username]|anonymous>[password]

    This logs into Steam using the specific Username and Password. This will only work is Steam is off.



    This logs all the P2P networking info into the file logs/netapi_log.txt.



    This writes all the voice chat data into the logs/voice_log.txt.



    This disables the async files operations. Instead, it tells the client to use the synchronous ones instead.



    This starts Steam without its cache (it doesn’t access its cache folder). Note that Steam must off for this to work.



    This prevents the Steam client from verifying the integrity of files. This comes in handy when you are testing localization.



    This forces the vgui to use GDI text even if there is a support for DWrite available.



    This runs a Steam script already stored in the Steam directory. All the scripts must be in a subdirectory of the main Steam’s folder. They are called test scripts. Steam must also be off for this to work.



    This forcefully closes steam and shuts it down.



    This helps suppress the dialogue box that opens automatically when you start Steam. This is mostly used when you have Steam set to auto-start when you turn on your computer.



    This forces Steam to run and consume your primary CPU only and leave the others vacant.



    This forces Steam’s connection backend to be via TCP.



    This sets the audio quality and range to [1,3].



    This command only allows “relay” connections for voice (testing).



    This starts Steam in the Big picture mode so it covers your entire screen.

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