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Registration is quick and easy and will allow you to download many games and contents for free from our site. In addition, after the registration you will have the opportunity to contribute to the growth of our Community as well as the chance to win prizes randomly. Below, the services that you will obtain after registering:

▪ Can download game torrents
▪ Can download configuration files
▪ Can read forums and helping topics
▪ Can post comments and join discussions
▪ Can customize personal profile
▪ Can unlock profile badges
▪ Will earn PG Coins
▪ Can convert PG Coins to scratchcards
▪ Will be drawn very rarely to win Steam keys
▪ Can take a peek of adult showcase
▪ Can send requests for basic support
▪ Can request to load a game
▪ Can leave a vote

On PUNTOGAMING you can also become a Premium User and get numerous advantages. In fact, Premium Users, who with their contribution help the community to grow, have exclusive privileges that normal users do not have. Check the Tier Memberships, the ranking system implemented on our new website!

To know all the details on how to become a Premium User and which benefits the Premium Users have, click here.

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