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SweetFX filter

The SweetFX filter is available simply by CLICKING HERE
NOTE: On some integrated graphic cards, this filter can appear darker than normal. In that case, we recommend you to use this filter instead.

If you need some help and informations about the SweetFX filters, just click here

Diablo is set in the Kingdom of Khanduras, in the world of Sanctuary, a fictional world of medieval inspiration. The player travels sixteen levels below the city of Tristram, the last of which is Hell itself, where he faces Diablo.

The levels are developed under a monastery built many years earlier to house Diablo’s prison.

The character learns of the long struggle between good and evil, an endless war. The fighters of the forces of good, the Seraphim and the Angels, clashed with the demons of Hell who inhabit the Underworld. In the mortal world this Great Conflict is called “War of Sin” and humans felt little of its effects, although some humans enjoyed summoning spirits and demons and some were also lured into the Dark World.

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