pro evolution soccer 5
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Year after year, the Pro Evolution Soccer series has always stood out for its great ability to “evolve” qualitatively by offering Ps2 users more and more each time, with an exponential technical growth that makes it the best football simulation available on the market. Before focusing on all the news, many if compared to those of Pes4, present in this fifth episode of the series, let’s cut the bull’s head, as they say, and let’s say immediately that compared to its Japanese counterpart, Pes5 loses slightly in fact of “total control over the player”, and a little bit on “physics that regulates impacts”, but gains in the fun phase. Following these changes, which as usual KTYO wanted to make on the Pal version of its football title, to make it a little easier, a slightly more frenetic playability ensues in some ways (nothing exaggerated anyway), but at the at the same time less fragmented by the continuous referees’ whistles which are sometimes too severe or by the continuous clashes between the players, aspects which at times tormented the mental balance of the less successful videogamers of the Japanese version. The thing, believe us, in some ways benefits gameplay, because if it is true that in WE9 the difficulty inherent in manually recalling your player who answered the command only after pressing the appropriate button even if you set the “automatic” option to the maximum “, Or in avoiding pressing at full pressure with the X button, forcing us in fact to a more careful approach to the defensive phase, purists of the genre could like it, it is also true that many had not gone down, because, in fact , all these “parameters” ended up raising the level of difficulty of a title that in itself was already very complicated to play, even if it was satisfying precisely because of its realism. Finally, the Road to World Cup 2006 with Japan is missing, while there are the usual game modes of all time, well known by the players.

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