The verified profiles are special profiles that are only granted to some users. Getting a verified profile on PUNTOGAMING is synonymous with reliability and guarantee. Thanks to the verified profile, every person on the web will know that that profile belongs only and exclusively to you. By this we mean that PUNTOGAMING guarantees the reliability of your profile and assumes full responsibility for it. The verified profile is therefore a useful tool that will allow you to make yourself known to the whole world (be it working or gaming), with the advantage of having a Community that guarantees for you.

NOTE: The verified profile is granted at the request of the user or at the invitation of a PUNTOGAMING administrator, provided that the user in question has all the following requirements:

  • Be registered on PUNTOGAMING by at least 1 month;
  • Be known on Teamspeak, Discord, Skype or in person;
  • Have at least one Facebook, Google Plus or Linkedin profile;
  • Respect basic educational rules and be friendly with others.

After the PUNTOGAMING staff have carried out the necessary checks and examined all the data, an administrator will decide whether to approve or reject the request for the creation of a verified profile.

If one of the aforementioned requirements is missing, one of the PUNTOGAMING Directors can also revoke the publication of this profile.